Tips for Success in the SEO Industry

Tips for Success in the SEO Industry

Success in the SEO community has been rare lately.

Some of it has to do with Google’s crackdown on search engine optimization, mainly through the use of algorithmic filters to combat spam.

Most people who get into the SEO world, are either young kids looking to make an extra buck so they have a little more fun (as was the case with myself, dat college lyf) or old dudes that are getting into SEO so they can retire 10 years early.

As such, most people don’t approach SEO as a business but rather as a means to an end. The end being to get rich quick.

Such was the case with the California Gold Rush of the 1850’s, the Oil Boom of the 1870’s, the penny stocks in the 90’s, the internet tech boom of the late 90’s so on and so forth.

It’ll never stop happening so long as industries continue to emerge.

At the start, it was incredibly easy to manipulate Google’s algorithm, and with its rapid rise to popularity – people made millions and they made them overnight.

And such was the case with the internet overall.

I have friends that made millions using Google SEO, its heyday being 2004 – 2011. I have friends that made millions using Facebook Ads, its heyday being 2011 – 2014.

Google AdWords 2006 – 2009. Some names you might recognize would Tai Lopez and Gary Vaynerchuk who were able to catch all these trends when they were severely underpriced and advertised their businesses heavily on it.

Most people, however, saw most of their gains from affiliate marketing.

One such medium that recently died out was Amazon FBA, where people were doing upwards of $10 Million per year with profits of upwards of 30%.

This lasted from about 2011 – 2015.

Viral Marketing was HUGE, especially in 2014 on Facebook. You might’ve seen those ads:

“Guy meets his friend of 20 years, and you WILL NOT BELIEVE what happened next….”

“XYZ Celebrity Got Drunk This Weekend!! Embarrassing Pics Here!!”

“Top 15 Dumbest Tattoos People Have Gotten. #7 Is The Funniest!!”

The people who were running these ads made an absolute killing. Reportedly, some dude was doing upwards of $600,000 per month with relative ease.

Other mediums were Teespring and Shopify.

People made millions on these. Shopify still works great, but not nearly as well as it used to. Facebook Ads are getting a littttttle expensive so it’s not nearly as profitable but still works well.

The basic premise being that people would draw these dumb designs on shirts and people would actually buy them.

It boggles me, but it made millions.

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